Opening Day Announcement:

Opening day is May 26th! We will open the 2018 CSA season on Saturday, May 26th from 8:00AM - 1:30PM. You can get your first week's share on the 26th or Tuesday the 29th from 10:00AM - 7:00pm or Thursday the 31st from 2:00pm - 7:00pm.

Please make sure you are paid-in-full for the season (you can bring your final payment to the shop) or make arrangements to set up a payment plan.

We are still selling shares for the 2018 farm season (our twelth!!) To join the CSA, go to the Join the CSA! page, and click on the link to get a registration packet sent to you. Or email Jeff Tober directly and he'll send you the packet.

A FARM SHARE for the 2018 season is $650 for 26 weeks. That's just $25/week!

A TOMS RIVER BOX SHARE for the 2018 season is $670 for 22 weeks.

For the price of a share you'll get a lot including:

Photo: Flowers

First & Foremost — FOOD!

You'll get a weekly share from our farm shop starting around early June and running until Thanksgiving (about 26 weeks). It is a great variety that will change slightly every week. Visit The Food page to learn more about the food you'll get in your share. In general, you can expect a delicious selection of produce that includes the old standbys like carrots, lettuce, melons, tomatoes and broccoli as well as some lesser-known foods like collard greens, buttercup squash, tatsoi and rutabaga. We love diversity and we hope to fill your bag each and every week with tasty, healthy and interesting foods from our fields.

Photo: Flowers

We Grow Other Things For You Too

Like flowers, herbs, pumpkins and more! We think you'll enjoy a walk through the fields on a late summer afternoon picking bunches of flowers and annual and perennial herbs.

Time At The Farm

As a shareholder, you'll have the opportunity to spend time at the farm (assuming you have a little time to spend!) Take a walk through the woods on the trails, bring some veggie scraps to the pigs, attend a campfire or potluck supper, volunteer with the crew, or have a picnic in the shade behind the farm shop. We believe it's your farm too and we want you to be able to explore and enjoy it! There is a private residence on the farm, so we'll let you know the areas that are OK to explore.

More Food!

When available we'll sell extra food at bulk prices for those who like to can, freeze, and stock-up. We'll let you know throughout the season when these crops are available.

Photo: Carrot Pile


We'll keep you informed about your food, our farming practices and all the goings-on at the farm. You'll receive regular newsletters, recipes, and invitations to events. We'll also let you know how to do things like save seeds, and preserve foods so you get the most from your food and your experience at Fernbrook.

Value, Convenience and More

We think you'll really get your money's worth at Fernbrook Farm CSA. Fresh, organic food is often expensive at the store and we strive to give you a much better value in terms of quality, taste and price. And we think coming to Fernbrook is a lot more fun than a trip to the supermarket!

Pick-Up Times

You can pick-up your share once a week on either Saturday or Tuesday. The week “starts” on the Saturday. You may come either Saturday or Tuesday to pick up your share. Pick-up times are:

  • Thursdays, 2pm – 7pm
  • Saturdays, 8am – 1:30pm
  • Tuesdays, 10am – 7pm

U-Pick crops can be picked any weekday from 7am – 7pm as long as the fields are dry.